Home security. Inside and outside.

Home security. Inside and outside.

Shed lock and bar

Is your shed or outside property properly secured?

If you had to replace all items you keep outside or in your garden/storage shed; what would be the cost?

As the cooler weather approaches, and people access their garden tools and sheds less, we’d like to remind everyone on the importance of keeping items kept outdoors and in backyards safe and secure.

Garden/storage sheds should be securely anchored to the ground, preferably on a cement slab, and locked at all times.

If you have ride-on mowers, other bulky or simply don’t have a garden/storage shed then ensure they are out of sight, under cover and marked with an identity unique to you, such as your drivers licence number, using an engraver or UV pen.

Wireless and battery operated alarm systems are now very affordable, with starter systems under $200.00, and they generally contain at least 2 or 3 motion/IR sensors and a similar number of contact switches for doors and windows.

If you need to borrow an engraver to mark your property you can contact your local Tweed Valley NHW coordinator.

More home security tips can be found on our FAQ page here, from your local police station or you can download this handy Crime Prevention PDF pamphlet from the NSW Police Force website.