Home Safe - Protecting Your PropertyA large number of break and enters are easily preventable. Many of these offences occur during the holiday season. A large number occur when your home appears to be vacant and it becomes obvious that no one is home.

Most homeowners and renters spend tens of thousands of dollars fitting their home with contents like appliances and furnishings. Additionally, the amount spent on purchases such as clothes and entertainment items like cameras and CDs can also be significant. All these are investments which are worth protecting.

If you’re planning on going away during the upcoming school holidays you should:

  1. Check that everything is locked and secured before leaving. Lock ALL windows, doors, garden shed, gates, garages and any other areas of your home that are able to be secured.
  2. Ask trusted friends or neighbours to clear your mailbox and check on your home occasionally while you are away; advise them of where you can be contacted.
  3. Ensure your phone message doesn’t state that you are away on holidays as this may give thieves the information that they desire.
  4. Stop all deliveries that you are expecting.
  5. Check with your local police station to see if they offer patrol services for unattended residences during holiday season.

For more tips and information download the Home Safe information brochure.