Parcel Scams


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Watch out for fake parcel delivery scams this Christmas

Scammers are sending emails pretending to be from Australia Post or FedEx, to try and trick you into believing you have an ‘undeliverable package’. In some cases, these emails may include your name and address and include legitimate-looking company information, complete with fake logos.

The email may threaten to charge you a fee for holding your ‘undelivered item’, and will ask you to open an attachment, click a link or download a file to retrieve your parcel. If you follow these instructions, you will likely download a ransomware virus that locks your computer.

To unlock your computer, scammers demand payment in the form of bitcoins (a form of online currency) or wire transfer. Even if you pay the fee, there is no guarantee that you will be able to access your computer again.

Australia Post will never call you out of the blue to request payment or send you an email asking you to click on an attachment.

If you receive an email about an un-deliverable package, don’t open any attachments or download files – delete it straight away!

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100 Years of Women in Policing Celebrated at Tweed Heads

Tweed Byron Local Area Command joined forces with Tweed Valley Neighbourhood Watch and other agencies in celebrating in “100 Years of Women in Policing in NSW”. The day was fine with the sun breaking through light cloud and not too hot for the participating police ladies running in the baton race, from Point Danger to the PCYC in Recreation Street just along from the Tweed Heads Police Station.

The day was well patronised with Police, Volunteers, and the public, as it happened it was school sports day with a multitude of young children participating In their chosen sport. The Neighbourhood Watch Marquee was a favourite with the kids and the Parents. Amazing children still love balloons we got rid of heaps all with the NHW and Police logos.

We also gave away NHWA brochures to the adults on subject such as Behind Closed Doors (Domestic Violence). Protect Your Home, And Protect Your Vehicle. All very Valuable information.

You can’t work on an empty stomach so the Volunteer Rescue Squad came to the rescue with a very tasty sausage sizzle, the sausages were so good by the end of this very special day they were all gone.

There was a couple of short speeches one by Acting Superintendent Cowen who as part of his speech welcomed along Elders from the local Tweed Aboriginal family.

Tweed Police carried out a great job in organizing the day, and Tweed Valley Neighbourhood Watch was pleased to be invited to play their part, it gave us great exposure which is so valuable to the organisation and keeping Neighbourhood Watch top of mind in the community. We look forward to working alongside our local Police at the Top of the state in Northern NSW once again In the near future.

Information Kiosk at Tweed City Shopping Centre — Great Success

Information Kiosk at Tweed City Shopping Centre — Great Success

tweed_city_informationkiosk_20140621Last Saturday, 21 June 2014, Tweed Valley Neighbourhood Watch groups carried out an Information Day Kiosk at Tweed City Shopping Centre.

A lot of interest was shown by the public and several NHW volunteers were on hand to talk to to the shoppers, hand out safety tip brochures and discuss with passer-bys how best to protect themselves, their homes and their local neighbourhoods.

Neighbourhood Watch Australasia kindly provided UV Security marking Pens for people to mark their valuables, caps, informational brochures and other safety material which were all very popular on the day.

The day was a great success and we are planning another Information Day Kiosk soon.

Special thanks to Tweed City Shopping Centre management for providing us the floor space to get the importance of safety and security out to the general public.

Neighbourhood Watch Australasia Information Day 2014

Neighbourhood Watch Australasia Information Day 2014

neighbourhood-watch-australasia-3Neighbourhood Watch Australasia are teaming up with Tweed Valley Neighbourhood Watch Inc to hold a national conference and information day at Tweed Heads on Wednesday 22 October 2014.

Venue to be announced.

Information session content and some of the finer details are yet to be decided on but as details come to hand they will be updated on the Events page.

View Event

This is a unique opportunity and we encourage all residents of the community, whatever your location, to attend.

All members of the community are welcome.

It’s official – Tweed Valley Neighbourhood Watch is now Incorporated!


For some years now Tweed Valley Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) has been lobbying for Incorporation for its groups spread across the Tweed Valley and Brunswick.

At long last I am happy to report that Incorporation is now fact and for Incorporation purposes we are registered as TWEED VALLEY NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH INC.

Why you may ask have we taken this direction? The simple answer; to apply for grants most organisations require the applicant to be incorporated. Neighbourhood Watch like many other organisations  needs money to exist these days, deliver events, to keep up with administration costs and the production of newsletters, website, etc.

It is no secret that a lot of our members have kept NHW groups afloat by putting their hands in their own pockets to keep the local community up-to-date on crime and safety issues, but products and equipment can be expensive and we need assistance from time to time from outside sources to keep up our work in a professional manner.

Tweed Valley NHW has a lot of dedicated members who put a lot of time in voluntary work with our organisation, but we are always looking for more to join our ranks, so if you are interested please make contact with your relevant area we would be happy to talk to you. If your area is not represented then we’d like to assist in you starting a NHW program in your area.

We must also bring to your attention to Geoff Provest MP who has helped greatly with behind the scenes work in our quest for incorporation and our thanks to him for his tireless efforts.

Your local Neighbourhood Watch groups are not only working with the public on face to face safety issues these days, but we are now involved with the Eyewatch programme that was came about well over a year ago to bring NHW into the 21st Century. This State Government/NSW Police initiative has now made it easy for the public to go online at home or mobile and be in contact with your Local Area Command and Neighbourhood Watch through the use of Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

On behalf of all our groups in the Tweed Valley/Brunswick Valley we look forward to continuing our work with the community and feel free to contact us or our groups for advice on security issues or membership enquiries.


Keep Safe

Gordon Levenson
Hon. Secretary Combined Groups NHW Tweed Valley/Brunswick Valley